Born and raised in central New Jersey, I currently work as Sports Director of the Bear Country Sports Network (WQBR), in Avis, PA. There I broadcast Lock Haven University Athletics and Jersey Shore (PA) High School Football. I also work as a sportswriter at the local newspaper, The Express, and do freelance broadcasting for Bucknell University (D1), Lycoming College (D3) and Penn College (D3).

I previously worked in Macomb, IL as the Voice of the Macomb High Bombers for football and boys and girls basketball.

Like many current sportscasters around the world, my passion for sports began at a very young age. Memories of watching Jason Kidd and the New Jersey Nets along with Derek Jeter and the Yankees still stick with me to this day. While I wasn’t sure that the on-air realm of sports is what I wanted to pursue, I went into Ithaca College in August 2012 with the vision of doing whatever I needed to prepare myself for a career in the sports media industry.

I got hooked on sports radio right away at Ithaca. Starting at the bottom of the totem pole with IC’s student run radio stations, WICB and VIC, did not bother me. I gladly picked up every additional rep I could. From board-oping those mid afternoon men’s soccer broadcasts to taking extra opportunities to provide radio sports updates, I relished every opportunity I was given. Furthermore, I enjoyed picking the brains of the older broadcasters on staff.

Ultimately the opportunities got more and more significant as time progressed. By the Fall of 2013 I was co-anchoring our studio coverage of Ithaca Bomber Football (a perennial Division III Top 25 team). I would later find out that my willingness to board-op throughout my freshman year directly led to this. By Spring 2014 I was the Sports Director for VIC Radio. I had the pleasure of being sideline reporter for Ithaca Football during my senior year. Invaluable internship opportunities with ESPN Ithaca, NY1 (Spectrum News), Sirius XM Satellite Radio, and the Global Basketball Summer League also were a part of my time at Ithaca.

Before an Ithaca College Football broadcast (September 2015) with my good friends Jake Asman (left) and Dan Budick (right).

While I advanced very quickly up the student-media hierarchy, with every opportunity came additional challenges. Along with that, there was the unfortunate reality that many young broadcasters in this industry face; the long and arduous process of securing that first job out of college.

Just like when I filled those board-op positions my freshman year of college, I jumped at the opportunity to get on-air and production experience in a place that I had never heard of. Eight days after finding out I got the job in Macomb, I was on the air calling my first Macomb High School Football game (they’re called the Bombers too how about that!).

IMG_0929 2
Taking notes during a break on a basketball broadcast in Macomb, IL

I spent nearly two years in Macomb as I honed my craft, made valuable connections and worked feverishly to broadcast as much local sports as possible. I broadcast nearly one hundred games in Macomb and had the chance to cover some unique and memorable events. Ultimately when the time came to move on (details on that can be found here), I left the midwest and moved to Pennsylvania.

During my first year in Lock Haven, I’ve taken in some special experiences. From covering Lock Haven Wrestling’s top 25 finish at the NCAA Wrestling Championships in Pittsburgh to being on the call for the first LHU Women’s Basketball playoff win since 1991, I’ve seen some remarkable athletic feats. I’ve done this all while maintaining my work ethic and bolstering my skillset as a strive to improve each and every day.

I’m fortunate to be in the position I’m currently in. I’ve experienced  a lot in a short amount of time, and the pursuit of a long career in broadcasting drives me every single day. I have high aspirations for where I want to end up in the long run, but for right now I eager to find out what else Lock Haven has in store for me!