Broadcasting Style

My greatest broadcasting attribute is my natural enthusiasm. Technical skills can be taught and developed overtime when you put the work in. To me, the passionate broadcasters always stand out, as you can’t teach that necessary skill.

This is certainly not to say I don’t value preparation and knowledge. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. From the amount of prep I do on observing other broadcasters, I can gage which ones are emotionally engaged in the action. If I can pick up on that, the audience most certainly can as well.

I believe I obsess just the right amount about broadcasting. I study the work of broadcasters on just about every level, pick out new phrases and terminology to use and listen back to my own clips, but I do not overdo it.

The remnants of a seasons-worth of football and basketball spotting boards.

When I’m calling a game I make it a point to talk with the opposing broadcasters both before and after the given event. I like to pick their brains about information I may not have seen in my prep, but also to get a glimpse of their background and how they approach the art of broadcasting. I’ll also be sure to compare spotting boards, as that is an area I constantly tweak with.

When I’m not calling a game I’m watching or listening to one. I keep a running notepad on my phone of ways I hear a broadcaster describe something in a different way. The English language is so massive that everyday offers me another opportunity to add to my rolodex of broadcast terms and phrases.

I also emphasize constructive criticism. Whether it’s from someone else in the industry, a friend or family member, or even just a stranger who happens to tune into a broadcast, this is how I keep myself grounded and always improving.

I’d much rather hear someone tell me I could’ve done something better, instead of hearing the “nice job tonight on the call,” without telling me what they actually liked about my broadcast that particular evening.

To sum it all up, I’m constantly honing my craft, and take great pride in the ability to improve my skillset with each additional repetition.